Virtual Public Meeting Access

The MetroPlan Orlando Board and advisory committees are meeting in hybrid sessions. To comply with Florida’s Sunshine Law, a quorum of board and committee members must attend meetings in person, but we will continue to offer virtual meeting access for others.

Members of the public are encouraged to join and participate virtually, since our meeting room has space limitations as we adhere to appropriate social distancing. Those wishing to make public comments at a board or committee meeting should fill out a speaker card form online, ( and indicate whether you plan to comment virtually or in-person.

Virtual PUBLIC Access For UpcominG Meetings

See the calendar section of the website for information on meetings that are currently scheduled. The public viewing Zoom link for each meeting is located inside the individual event listing in the calendar section of our website and directly on the agenda.

Getting Set Up for Virtual Meetings

We’ve created step-by-step instructions on how to get set up for our virtual meetings, which are being held on the Zoom webinar platform. Once you’ve completed your set-up, then you can decide which virtual meeting you’d like to join.

Virtual Meetings – Set-Up for the Public


Members of the public are welcome to make a live public comment at specific places in the agenda (please refer to meeting agendas, found in the Calendar & Meeting Materials section of our website, for details). You can also submit comments by email to

Virtual attendees at meetings will receive instructions on how to comment at the appropriate times.

MetroPlan Orlando encourages courteous, civil discourse in all settings. Persons making live public comments are asked to maintain the same level of decorum as they would at a traditional public meeting.

Tips for Presenters

Presenting in a virtual meeting is a little bit different from presenting information in person. We’ve put together a sheet with some helpful tips for presenters:

Virtual Meetings – Tips for Presenters


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