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MetroPlan Orlando is planning a safe and connected transportation network for everyone. In Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties, more than 5 people are killed and 35 people are seriously injured on our roads every week – a higher rate than elsewhere in Florida, or much of the nation. Of those killed on our roads, 30% are people who are walking or biking.

Vision Zero Central Florida is a coordinated effort led by MetroPlan Orlando, partnering with local jurisdictions, to provide comprehensive Vision Zero Safety Action Plans for our three-county region, as well as for each county and city. We want to identify ways to change road designs, educate and engage people, and work with law enforcement to save lives. Our regional partnership approach, as far as we know, is unique among Vision Zero safety initiatives nationwide.

Our ultimate goal is achieving zero traffic fatalities and serious injuries, because nothing else is acceptable. It’s an ambitious goal, requiring a culture change and a shift in how we plan, operate, and use our transportation system. It represents a shared responsibility among all of us.

Because this effort is so large, Vision Zero has its own hub site to house all the information and resources. You can access that at

Click here to visit the website for Vision Zero Central Florida, an initiative to count down to zero traffic deaths. URL is

At, you can find:

Your Safety Feedback Map: We want to hear about your transportation safety challenges. Use this map to share where you feel unsafe. You can even submit a photo.

Regional Vision Zero Data Dashboard: An interactive display that lets you filter for crash patterns on roads you travel or zoom into neighborhoods to see where crashes happen most – among other things.

High Injury Networks: Shows the roads and intersections in the three-county region where disproportionate numbers of fatal and serious injury crashes occur. By looking at our riskiest areas, we can plan possible solutions.

Crash Trend Analysis: Gives context to how some types of crashes are happening in the region.

Calendar of Vision Zero events: Looks at all the regional and local events were Vision Zero teams will be meeting the public and sharing information.

Many More Resources: Fact sheets, a list of our partners, case studies, a way to share your story. It’s all here on our resources page, which is growing every week.

Vision Zero Safety for Kids

You’re never too young to start learning about the safety principles of Vision Zero Central Florida. That’s why we created a book, Path to Safety Central Florida, aimed at elementary students. The lessons and activities will appeal to kids of all ages. It’s packed with math and word puzzles, vocabulary builders, coloring pages, and more to reinforce Vision Zero safety principles.

The activity book is available digitally or in print. If you would like some printed copies of the book for your family, scout troop, community event, classroom activity, etc., please contact: Mary Ann Horne, for more information.

Path to Safety Activity Book — 2024

Taking Action on Traffic Safety with Vision Zero  

Eliminating deaths on our transportation system requires an ambitious, proactive method called the safe system approach, which includes working on safer roads, safer vehicles, safer speeds, addressing needs of all travelers, and strengthening post-crash care. All these elements work together to build layers of protection into the transportation system.

Vision Zero Central Florida’s work is being funded by a $3.79 million Safe Streets and Roads for All federal grant awarded to MetroPlan Orlando in 2023. The work we are doing now is preparing for grant applications in the future, in which the region and individual partners can seek funding for more planning, demonstration projects, and construction. Getting to zero will take time, as well as commitment.

Vision Zero is an international movement to reach zero traffic fatalities. Read more about Vision Zero initiatives across the United States at the Vision Zero Network.

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