2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Under Development

The participation plan for our 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan provides a roadmap to a comprehensive, inclusive process for public participation in creating MetroPlan Orlando’s 20\50 Plan. It contains targeted objectives, various strategies and tools, and performance measures to ensure effectiveness.

2050 MTP Public Participation Plan – DRAFT FOR COMMENT

Looking for the current MTP? Click here to view the adopted transportation vision for Central Florida.


Welcome to the 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan page, which is under development. During the next several months, this page will evolve to reflect work on the year 2050 transportation vision for Central Florida. Check back often, as the plan takes shape and heads toward approval by the MetroPlan Orlando Board in late 2025.



The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP or 2050 Plan) establishes the vision of Central Florida’s entire transportation system for Orange, Osceola and Seminole Counties. This plan for the year 2050 will identify current and future transportation needs. Projects must be included in the plan to receive federal and state funding. The plan is updated every five years to reflect the changing dynamics of the region.

The 2050 Plan will examine the current transportation system, establish goals and objectives, and gather public input. A thorough technical analysis, including performance measures, will be used to evaluate needs and look at various future trends that might affect the system. Through coordination with local government and transportation agency partners, the 2050 MTP will produce a cost feasible plan, a list of projects that the region can afford.


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MetroPlan Orlando is leading the 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan’s development in coordination with our local government and transportation operating partners throughout Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties. Additional coordination with other interested parties, including other transportation partners, community members, agencies, businesses, and government entities will continue throughout the plan’s two-year (24-month) schedule.


  • Background Data & Existing Conditions (Spring 2024 – Summer 2024) – Assessment of how we use the existing transportation system, identification of the trends that influenced our transportation decisions, and evaluation of which future trends could influence the continued growth of our transportation network.
  • Goals & Objectives (Spring 2024 – Summer 2024) – Establish goals and objectives for the future growth of the transportation system.
  • Technical Analysis, Needs Assessment, and Investment Scenario Planning (Summer 2024 – Spring 2025) – Evaluate multimodal transportation system needs throughout Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties. Compare alternative investment scenarios that address the identified needs, align with the 2050 Plan goals and objectives, and enhance the transportation system.
  • Cost Feasible Plan Development (Winter 2024 – Fall 2025) – Develop a cost-feasible prioritized list of projects to address the transportation needs of the region.
  • Plan Adoption & Implementation (Winter 2025) – Adopt the final 2050 Plan and implement the cost feasible plan over the coming decades.


The planning process is very detailed and includes a series of technical reports which outline the processes, methodologies, and findings from the regional long range transportation plan. As we progress through the development of the 2050 Plan, the technical reports will be published here. If you have any questions on any of the topics addressed in these reports, please contact our 2050 Plan Project Manager, Taylor Laurent at (407) 481-5672 x306.

2050 MTP Existing Conditions and Area Profile Technical Memo_Draft_March 2024

2050 MTP Chapter 1 Goals and Objectives Draft June 2024

2050 MTP Chapter 8 Drivers of Change Draft June 2024


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