Youth Outreach

Everyone’s voice needs to be heard in the transportation planning process. And the voices of our youth are particularly important, since they will be living the plan when our Metropolitan Transportation Plan becomes reality. That’s why we have created outreach a variety of materials and presentations, especially geared toward today’s elementary, middle, and high school students. In 2045 or 2050, these Central Floridians will be young adults ready to lead the region into the next 25-year transportation plan.

Vision Zero Safety for Kids

We recently produced a safety-themed activity book that goes along with our Vision Zero Central Florida initiative. You’re never too young to start learning good safety habits. Look for Vision Zero outreach teams at events throughout the region to learn more about how we want to stop traffic deaths and serious injuries.

Find out more about Vision Zero at

Path to Safety Activity Book — 2024

Resources for Students

Our staff is eager to reach out  to any school class or youth group interested in hearing more about transportation planning. For more information contact: Mary Ann Horne,

We regularly make classroom presentations and participate in STEM/STEAM events throughout the region. We would be happy to find out about what you are doing in your school or club and connect you with transportation experts who can talk about safety, transportation planning, careers in transportation, and more. In addition, our website is a rich resource for data on many topics within transportation. Our staff can also answer questions about what we do and help interpret the data. Please contact Public Outreach Strategist Mary Ann Horne to find out more.

Recently we heard from a STEM Club for girls in England, who were researching STEM careers and used our website for more information about opportunities in the transportation field. This group shared with us a resource on becoming a transportation engineer that they located elsewhere and thought would be of interest to young folks considering a future in transportation. We were pleased that our resources were helpful to these students. We’d love to help other groups learn more about the world of transportation.

Metropolitan Transportation Plan Youth Outreach

Our 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan presents a vision for the future of our region. We are currently looking forward to creating the 2050 Plan, but you can still have fun with the resources we created earlier.

One great way to get the whole family involved in learning about transportation is through our 2045 Plan youth activity book. The 12-page book offers a mix of information, coloring pages, puzzles, and safety tips geared toward elementary school students. It includes a fill-in-the-blank letter for kids to tell us what kind of transportation system they want in the future.

Printed copies of the activity book are available to individuals or groups, free of charge. If you’re interested in receiving the book, just let us know how many you want and where to send them. Or, you can print your own copies at home, using the file below. Either way, be sure to have young Central Floridians fill out the letter and tell us what we should include our plans. Contact us at:

Future Path Central Florida: A Transportation Activity Book

Check out these letters we recently received  from young people who have some great ideas for the future! We think Central Florida should be in good hands in 2045, based on this input.

Our short video lets kids and families know how much we value youth input for the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan — and all our planning products. Please share with friends and family members who might enjoy it!

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