Signal Retiming

Since 2007, MetroPlan Orlando has ranked retiming and coordinating traffic signals as a top priority to mitigate traffic congestion, make roads more efficient, and improve air quality and safety. Each year, traffic signal timing plans are implemented on selected corridors.

A Travel Time and Delay Study is conducted on corridors to collect data such as level of service, travel speeds and travel times before implementing a new signal timing plan.  A second travel time data collection occurs after the signal timing plan is complete, and benefit-cost calculations are completed for each retimed corridor as well as for the overall retiming program.

Click on the links below to learn more by reading the latest version of our Travel Time and Delay and Benefit-Cost Study and the at-a-glance infographic that summarizes the impacts of the retiming program for Fiscal Year 2020-2021.

MetroPlan Orlando Travel Time Study 2020- 2021

Infographic describing benefits of 2021 Corridor Retiming Program. Click on link to access PDF of infographic

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