Spot Improvement

The purpose of this form is to give citizens a convenient way to report minor problems on sidewalks, paths, crosswalks, and roads that may pose safety hazards for pedestrians and bicyclists. Types of problems would include:

  • Pedestrian signals and push-buttons which are not functioning properly
  • Trip hazards along sidewalks and paths
  • Sidewalk obstructions
  • Problems with ADA (wheelchair) ramps
  • Traffic signals that don’t turn green for bicyclists (unresponsive loop detectors)
  • Potholes in parts of the road or shoulder normally traveled by bicyclists
  • Drainage grates that could trap or divert bicyclists’ wheels
  • Debris in designated bicycle lanes

Please DO NOT use this form to:

  • Request the construction of bike lanes, sidewalks, paved shoulders, crosswalks or paths (You should contact your city or county commissioner about this issue.)
  • Report dangerous or threatening behaviors by motorists (You should contact your local law enforcement agency about this issue.)
  • Request the installation of bicycle racks

Please fill out this form as completely as possible; it will help us to be more effective and save time for everyone involved.  Once you fill out and submit the form, it will go to MetroPlan Orlando’s transportation planner.

  • Enter an address or intersection and drag the map marker to the location of the problem.

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