Casselberry Gets 2013 Clean Air Award for Its Compressed Work Week

Posted on: June 10, 2013 in Air Quality & Environment

The City of Casselberry’s Compressed Work Week is the winner of the 2013 Clean Air Award.

The Central Florida Clean Air Team presents this award annually to an organization that has done outstanding work to improve our region’s air quality.  Taking care of our air is a vital part of the work at MetroPlan Orlando.   We know transportation is a significant contributor to air pollutants, so we work hard to encourage Central Floridians to make good choices for cleaner air.

Entries are judged on innovation, unique approaches, effectiveness and the ability to serve as a model for other organizations seeking to make their own positive changes to help protect our air.

Casselberry won this year’s Clean Air Award because of its commitment to a Compressed Work Week, which was instituted in 2011.  The move to a work week of 4 10-hour days for about 100 staffers first came about because it promised budget savings as well as extended customer service hours.  However, the positive impact on the environment soon became apparent.

Award judges were impressed with Casselberry’s documentation and evaluation of these positive effects.  Furthermore, the commitment to continue with the program indefinitely shows that this type of move is sustainable – which means it results in long-term benefits for Central Florida’s air.

Casselberry’s City Staff has recorded compelling statistics on how a simple program like the Compressed Work Week can make a big difference.

Taking into account the combined reduced use of both employees’ personal vehicles and the city fleet, it’s estimated that every year the project saves:

  • More than 161,000 vehicle miles traveled
  • More than 6,300 hours of travel time
  • More than 9,800 gallons of fuel
  • And a total of 98.6 tons of carbon dioxide

Judges also felt the initiative was a model for the region, since Casselberry was able to provide so much information about how this type of program could be replicated in other agencies and businesses throughout Central Florida.  One judge commented:  “I love that this is a program any business – public or private — could implement.”

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