New Health Strategic Plan Guides How Transportation Can Improve Community Health

Posted on: February 23, 2022 in Air Quality & Environment, Complete Streets, Health

MetroPlan Orlando’s new Health Strategic Plan marks a milestone in tying transportation and community health goals together. The plan explores how transportation planning impacts public health and what our organization can do to improve the health of our region. MetroPlan Orlando has ramped up its efforts to consider health in all transportation policies over the last several years, and the Health Strategic Plan builds on these successes.

Work on the Health Strategic Plan began by meeting with a group of community health representatives and listening to their expertise and insight on the health priorities of the region. Based on their input, the project team created a unique framework for identifying and addressing transportation-related determinants of health.

Within the plan, there are five goals areas – each with objectives, strategies, and actions to complete these goals. Read the full report below, and learn more about the topic on our transportation and health page:

Cover of Health Strategic Plan

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