Regional Goals & Objectives Lay the Groundwork for 2045 Plan

Posted on: January 30, 2020 in Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

The technical side of the 2045 Plan is coming into focus, as we launch a section of our website dedicated to the plan.

Planning for the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) starts by laying out five overarching goals, each with its own objectives, based on reviews of federal, state, and local plans, along with public input. These goals and objectives, which were recently reviewed by the MTP Working Group, will help prioritize federally and state-funded transportation projects in the region.

Goals for the 2045 Plan

Safety & Security – Provide a transportation system for all users that eliminates fatalities and injuries and protects the most vulnerable travelers
Reliability & Performance – Leverage innovation to improve the way the system operates, allowing users to get more out of the existing infrastructure
Access & Connectivity – Ensure the region has a system that connects people to the places they need to go and moves freight efficiently
Health & Environment – Support preserving the region’s natural environment and encouraging public health through transportation solutions
Investment & Economy – Maintain transportation’s role in meeting the demands of growth and connecting businesses, people, and places

Each goal has 5-8 specific objectives to help it become a reality, along with indicators that measure progress. The overall aim is to make sure the future transportation system meets the needs of its most vulnerable users, such as older adults, children, and the disabled community. This is known as the “curb-cut effect,” illustrating how improvements for at-risk travelers benefit everyone who uses the system.

The 2045 Goals & Objectives will guide all planning and analysis through the formation of the 2045 Plan. These activities include developing a Congestion Management Process; coming up with a shared vision through Scenario Planning and Needs Assessment, and applying a performance-based approach to proposed transportation projects. The process ultimately leads to prioritizing federally and state-funded projects in the cost-feasible plan.

The Goals & Objectives report is posted in the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan section of our website. Other reports available there deal with Public Participation, Data Sources, and Origin-Destination Analyses. More information will be added soon.

You can read the Technical Series reports under the Documents for Review tab. The 2045 Plan section of our website offers more information about the plan’s purpose and how we are discussing it in the community. Find out more about how you can get involved.

Visit the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan section regularly to stay updated on how the plan is developing.

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