Send Written Comments for Federal Certification by April 14

Posted on: March 15, 2023 in Public Involvement, Public Meetings

The USDOT team talks with MetroPlan Orlando staff on March 15.

MetroPlan Orlando is encouraging comments on our performance as a long-range planning agency through April 14.

Every four years, MetroPlan Orlando undergoes a mandatory federal certification with representatives from the Federal Highway and Federal Transit administrations. A team representing these USDOT agencies visited on March 15 to confirm we are following transportation planning laws and regulations.

A public meeting was held at our office in downtown Orlando, where members of the public commented in-person and online. If you missed the public meeting, you can still email a comment.

You can submit written comments through April 14 in two ways:


Contact any of the people below.

Cynthia Lambert, Public Information Manager at MetroPlan Orlando
407-481-5672 x320 |

Joseph P. Sullivan, Environmental Protection Specialist at Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) – Florida Division
850-553-2248 |

Aviance Webb, Community Planner at Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Region 4, Atlanta, GA
404-865-5489 |

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