Central Floridians Voice Opinions on Transportation System

Posted on: September 1, 2015 in Transportation News


Recent survey research shows that Central Floridians want more attention and money for transportation and more options for transit riders, cyclists and pedestrians.

Our 2015 public opinion research survey, conducted in partnership with the UCF Institute for Social & Behavioral Science, found strong support for improving and diversifying the region’s transportation system. MetroPlan Orlando and UCF have partnered on statistically valid transportation research since 2001.

The latest research survey results were presented to the MetroPlan Orlando Board at its Sept. 9 meeting.

The most recent survey used 383 face-to-face iPad surveys, 460 pre-screened online respondents, 108 telephone interviews and 455 online volunteers to produce a broad sample of the region. Here are some things on which Central Floridians agree:

  • Transportation issues need more attention, and it will take more money to solve them. Majorities feel too little is being done about transportation issues (62%) and that too little is being spent on solving those issues (71%).
  • The transportation system is inadequate to serve the needs of residents and visitors. About 77% rated the system average, poor or failing.
  • The region needs a more balanced transportation system, including non-road options. Some 93% say the system needs options beyond the automobile. Majorities above 90% support transit, bicycling and walking as essential elements of the transportation plan.
  • Safety should be the top priority for transportation planning, followed by designing a system that addresses the needs of all users.

See the full research report below.

Public Opinion Research 2015

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