Cyclists, You Can Help MetroPlan Orlando Improve Biking in Our Region

Posted on: August 18, 2015 in Transportation News

You can do your part to make local biking better by using a free app that records your rides and keeps track of your performance. At the same time it’s helping you improve your cycling, it will help MetroPlan Orlando find ways to improve our region’s accessibility for bikes.

MetroPlan Orlando is partnering with Strava to gather information on cycling in our area. Strava is a free application for iPhone and Android that allows cyclists to record trips with GPS.

The logged data helps cyclists track performance and shows us trends and common routes. We receive info from Strava in the aggregate — without any individual identifiers.

Once you download the app on your phone or other GPS device, just turn it on and go for a ride. The data is automatically sent to Afterward, you can view your results.

Perhaps you already use Strava. If so, we are getting the data you contribute to the system right now. Thanks!

If you aren’t using Strava, you can download the app today.

Together, we’ll shape a more bike-friendly region.

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