Find Out How the Region Can Eliminate Traffic Deaths

Posted on: July 11, 2024 in Safety, Transportation News

More than 1,000 people die or are seriously injured in traffic crashes every year in the MetroPlan Orlando region. We can change that.

Take a Look at the Vision Zero Central Florida Safety Action Plan and Tell Us What You Think

Central Florida is preparing to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries by the year 2050, with the completion of the Vision Zero Central Florida Safety Action Plan. A draft version of this transformative plan, which lays out the need for a regional effort and outlines specific action steps, is available for public comment until Aug. 1.

You can read the full Vision Zero Central Florida Safety Action Plan here.

Cover page of the draft Vision Zero Central Florida Safety Action Plan, dated July 2024. Cover image shows two people waiting at a bus stop, one with headphones and another with a bicycle. The bus has just pulled up to pick them up. The bus stop is located on a busy road with many lanes and heavy traffic.Please send your questions or comments by email to: or by mail to: MetroPlan Orlando, Attn: Vision Zero Safety Action Plan, 250 S. Orange Ave., Suite 200, Orlando, FL 32801.

What Is Vision Zero?

Vision Zero Central Florida is an initiative that uses data and a Safe Systems Approach to work toward a goal of NO fatalities or serious injuries on our roads.

The plan identifies areas in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties where crashes that cause deaths and serious injuries are most likely to occur – called High Injury Networks. It offers strategies to reduce the severity and frequency of those crashes. The regional plan contains 34 specific planning and outreach actions to take place throughout the next five years. It also identifies 30 potential safety projects that can be prioritized on the area’s riskiest roads.

Initial work for Vision Zero Central Florida was funded by a $3.79 million federal grant to create not only this regional plan, but also three county plans and 19 plans for municipalities in the region. The region is already preparing to seek more federal funding for extending Vision Zero efforts.

This generational safety plan marks the start of a long-term effort to reverse the trend of deadly crashes on our roads. It requires a commitment from everyone in the region to reach our goal of zero by 2050.

The MetroPlan Orlando Board will consider the Vision Zero Central Florida Safety Action Plan for approval at its Sept. 11, 2024, meeting. Public comments will be taken in person and virtually during that meeting.

Go to the Vision Zero Central Florida hub site, at, to view high injury networks, see traffic safety statistics and learn more about this initiative and how it affects your local community.

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