MetroPlan Orlando Board Elects Officers for 2017

Posted on: December 14, 2016 in MetroPlan Orlando Board, Transportation News

Board officers are, from left: Cmsr. Pete Clarke, secretary-treasurer;  Cmsr. Cheryl Grieb, vice-chairman; and Cmsr. Bob Dallari, chairman.

The MetroPlan Orlando Board has elected its officers for 2017. Seminole County Commissioner Bob Dallari will serve as chairman. Cmsr. Dallari served as vice-chairman in 2016.

Osceola County Commissioner Cheryl Grieb was elected vice-chairman for 2017. She served as 2016 secretary-treasurer. Orange County Commissioner Pete Clarke was elected as secretary-treasurer. He served as chair of the Transportation Disadvantaged Local Coordinating Board during 2016.

The new officers will begin their duties in January. The first MetroPlan Orlando Board meeting in 2017 will be Feb. 8.

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