Metroplan Orlando, UCF & FDOT Receive Federal Grant to Study Traffic Safety

Posted on: June 11, 2020 in Transportation & Technology, Transportation Systems Management & Operations

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recently awarded MetroPlan Orlando a $295,000 grant to support a safety strategy, as Central Florida works toward a goal of Zero Fatalities on Central Florida roads. The grant is one of only eight such awards nationwide for the coming fiscal year.

In partnership with the University of Central Florida (UCF) and the Florida Department of Transportation, MetroPlan Orlando will apply the Crash Prediction for Expedited Detection grant toward developing a tool for real-time crash prediction and operations. MetroPlan Orlando will engage partners including researchers, the advanced vehicle technology industry, and first responders to learn news ways to share data and information to improve transportation safety. As the region’s long range transportation planning organization, MetroPlan Orlando will lead the collaboration with UCF and FDOT to make these safety tools and information more useful, by refining them through cases that  address specific safety problems in the Orlando metro area.

A primary focus will be on predicting and responding to crashes on Central Florida highways, using cameral screening techniques, data-sharing, and other tools that will help reduce response time to crashes. This assists in clearing roadways and preventing secondary crashes– which often occur when drivers come upon the original crash scenes or get involved in traffic tie-ups caused by them. The tools and insights can also benefit emergency services and freight companies.

For more information, contact Mr. Eric Hill, Director of Transportation System Management & Operations: or Ms. Lara Bouck, Transportation Planner,

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